Best Remedy for Chapped Lips

Chapped lips or dry lips is the most probable problem, especially in the winter. You would find yourself licking your lips all day if you suffer from this problem. Furthermore, if you think licking your lips is the best remedy for chapped lips, you are more likely to trigger the problem. Cracking of lips with pain, dryness, sore or tender lips is experienced during the problem.


Majority of the day to day factors can cause chapped lips. Winter season being the main cause of dry lips, smoking and dehydration are other common causes. For some, allergic reaction to any kinds of foods, vitamin deficiency, licking lips continuously, and improper diet plan can cause chapped lips.

Best Remedy for Chapped Lips

best remedy for chapped lips

1.      Mustard oil

Mustard-oilTo recover your cracked lips, mustard oil can be very much effective. Applying mustard oil in the affected area can help to smoothen your lips and gets you relief of the pain. From ancient times, applying warm mustard oil in the navel is also considered as a remedy to get rid of chapped lips.


2.      Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraThis magical plant is not only used to heal burns. Aloe contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to moisturize the cracked lips soothing it. Extract the gel from an aloe leaf and apply a considerable amount on your lips. Continue until you get your smooth lips back.


3.      Coconut oil

 Coconut oilKnown as one of the most effective moisturizers, coconut oil will heal chapped lips in no time. Especially if the chapped lips is due to cold weather, do not think twice before applying pure coconut oil in your lips. However, do not use excessive coconut oil. Just apply 4-5 drops twice a day to get rid of dry lips.


4.      Sugar and milk

This mixture can be used to exfoliate the dead cells produced because of chapped lips. Once you apply the above remedies for 3-4 days, lips start healing. As a result, dead cells are more clearly visible and then you need exfoliation. Mixture of sugar and milk is considered as one of the most effective natural exfoliating scrubs. Natural softness and smoothness returns with this amazing remedy. You can use olive oil as a substitution.

5.      Honey

HoneyBest remedy for chapped lips, honey contains anti-bacterial properties that help recover cracked lips. It is also effective for soothing the pain and thus the lips. However, pure organic honey has to be used for maximum effectiveness. Mixture of honey and glycerin is proven to be more effective as of healing cracked lips.

6.      Milk cream

Milk CreamFat contained in milk cream helps in moisturizing the lips and prevents the lips from getting further cracked. Boil the milk, extract milk cream and apply fresh cream in the affected area. Keep applying milk cream as soon as your lips are empty. Once your lips gets moisturized 24/7, you will get rid of chapped lips.


7.      Drink enough fluids

Dehydration is one of the major causes of chapped lips. Make yourself well hydrated by drinking enough of the useful fluids like hot soup, hot water, milk and so on. Moreover, in winter, hot soup can be useful in preventing various other problems like common cold and influenza. Drink at least 3 liters of water daily to make yourself well hydrated.

8.      Cucumber

CucumberAnother best remedy for chapped lips is cucumber. Cut cucumber into slices and apply in your lips to get rid of chapped lips.



9.      Mango butter

mango butterMango butter is very rich in fat which helps in moisturizing your chapped lips. Applying mango butter also helps reducing the inflammation and pain caused. With instant relief, application of mango butter in your lips helps to get rid of the bacteria stored in your cracked lips.


10. Rose water

If you haven’t, it is now time to plant some roses in your garden. Rosewater helps in moisturizing your lips avoiding crack in lips. Extract rosewater from rose petals and store in a dry cool place. Apply the water into your lips every 6 hours to keep your lips moisturized. For further benefits, mix rosewater with honey and apply in the affected area. Mixture of rosewater and honey is considered as the best remedy for chapped lips.

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