Depression Medication Side Effects

Depression can be mild to severe. Generally, mild depression is perfectly normal. For mild, depression medication commonly called as ‘antidepressants’ are not necessary. But for severe, doctors will certainly prescribe it. Depression medications are effective while concerning relieve form depression. Medically antidepressants are termed as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). There are some depression medication side effects that you show know.

Talking about pros and cons, depression medication has also its own. Antidepressants are advantageous to get rid of depression. However, it possesses some bad traits as well. Depression is related to mental distress. So, chemicals of antidepressants can have adverse effect as well. Not the same side effects are seen on everyone. Gene can also play the role in side effects. Going to take or taking antidepressants? It is better to know some of its side effects. Here are some depression medication side effects that you will wish to know.

8 Different Depression Medication Side Effects

depression medication side effects

1. Physical signs

At earlier after using depression medication, you might experience some physical imbalances. Physical imbalance could be anything regarding headache, muscle ache, nausea, joint pain or skin rashes. These are minor and short-term. Discontinuation of medication is not necessary in this regard. Amidst, nausea plus headache are the most common one.
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2. Migraine Headache

Migraine is common while talking of depression. People with migraine should be cautious while using antidepressant. Medication for migraine and depression together increases the chemical serotonin. Serotonin increases heart rate and headache. Proper prescription form the doctor is needed to avoid serotonin.

3. Sleeping imbalance

Taking medications, you will notice many troubles while sleeping. It could be difficult to sleep. Your sleep might be disturbed in many ways. You may wake up during sleep. Weird dreaming, sleep walking are the common disturbances. Also, insomnia is another major concerning one. You will experience sleepless night as well. This tends to be the bad time. It may be the reason other problem as well.
In addition, sleeping imbalance takes in daytime sleepiness too. As you could not get to sleep at night, you will experience daytime sleepiness. Everyone is not affected in the same way. If the medication causes sedation, take it in the bedtime would be better. Whereas, some could experience both side effects.

4. Suicidal thinking

The risk of suicidal thinking tends to increase even after taking the depression medication. Mostly, children and teenagers are likely to be influenced by the medication side effects. The rate of suicidal tendency is higher. Older people are likely to think about physical problems rather than depression. This had increased the chance of suicide in older people as well. Further, the medication provides enough energy to encourage suicidal plan.
Regular visiting the doctor will help to cope with this side effect. Try not to deal with this type of side effect alone. This is one of the common depression medication side effect that could bear high risk.

5. Weight gain

The main reason behind the discontinuity of taking medication is weight gain. It is a late side effect. Depending upon the medications you are taking, you are likely to gain weight. It is due to the increases in appetite. Though, proper exercising can help you to maintain your weight. Avoiding high glycemic foods is another way. See for a doctor for better way to control weight gain.

6. Sexual side effects

Talking about sexual side effects, it is the common one. Decrease in sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, inability to have orgasm, affecting both men and women are the common sexual side effects. This side effects is the long-term one. Not hesitating, sexual side effect is unacceptable. Follow-up with the doctor as soon as possible. This might help you.

7. Medication discontinuation syndrome

Discontinuing medication may cause nausea, headache, insomnia, anxiety, weakness and dizziness. This syndrome is likely to fade away within a week. Medication discontinuation syndrome can be avoided by narrowing the use of the medications.

8. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of common depression medication side effects It is the early side effect of depression medication. Napping for short period at daytime might be helpful to reduce fatigue. Stay physically active, referring to simple like waking. Overdoing physical works might increase fatigue. This depression medication side effect seems normal but carelessness may result to the severe one. Consult a doctor to maintain the dose of medication to reduce fatigue.

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