Home Remedies for Acidity

Our stomach secretes acid, HCl (Hydro Chloric Acid), to digest the food that we consume. During the whole digestion process, the acid is essential. Stomach secretes acid even when there is nothing to digest. And sometimes, our stomach produces more amount of acid than required. It creates burning sensation. This feeling of uneasiness in the stomach is what we called acidity. Acidity can be very painful that can be seen on anyone regarding any age. So how can we ease the burning sensation of the acidity? Home remedies for acidity are very simple and clear.

Our stomach produces equivalent amount of acid all the time for the digestion. This acid starts to react primarily when our stomach is empty. So, first thing first, avoid skipping meals and irregular eating habits. Consume potassium and fiber enriched foods.

Besides, stress is also the cause that triggers to produce more amount of acid. Similarly, drinking alcohols, consuming spicy foods and lack of exercise can also cause acidity. Maintaining your healthy habits, you can get over acidity. Looking for the home remedies for acidity? Here are some home remedies that might be helpful to get rid of the burning sensation of the acidity.

10 Safe Home Remedies for Acidity

Home Remedies for Acidity

1.      Water: A must

Acidity leaves you in pain if your stomach is empty. So, do not make your stomach empty. Nothing better than water is helpful. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will maintain the acids level of your stomach.

It’ll be more effective if you drink a lot more water in the morning.

2.      Milk

Milk is rich in calcium that connects directly to relieve from the acidity. Calcium absorbs the excess acids produced and prevents acid build up. And thus reduces the chance of acidity. It is better to take cold milk. The cold one will give you quick relief from the pain of acidity.

Also, other dairy products can also be preferred.

3.      Basil Leaves

Basil leaves, also known as “Tulsi” are effective to get rid of acidity. Its carminative possession relieves you from the gas formation and the burning feeling from the acidity.

Chewing basil leaves (about 5 – 6) will help you to get relief from the acidity. Instead, you can have a mixture of basil leaves with water. Boil water along with basil leaves (about 5). Cool it down and take it. If you are thinking about the safe and guaranteed home remedies for acidity, it is the perfect one.

4.       Banana

As banana is high in potassium, it is sure to cool down the burning sensation of the acidity. Additionally, it helps to produce more mucous from your stomach. It aids to minimize the production of unnecessary amount of acid. Furthermore, this fruit is high in fiber. Fiber helps in proper digestion which stops the acidity from recurrence.

Feed on the bananas, ripen or over ripen. Either is helpful to get relief from the acidity.

5.      Cloves

Having carminative property, cloves are very useful to ease the painful condition of the acidity. Biting the cloves, your salivary glands produce excess saliva. It is helpful in digestion. Gas formation due to the acid produces is expelled with the help of cloves. What’s more? It’ll help to remove bad breath.

Chew few cloves. Saliva produced will gradually soothe the awful condition of acidity.

6.      Mint leaves

Mint leaves (aka “Pudina”) are well known to have cooling effects. It reduces the burning sensation of the acidity. It further reduces acid level and aids in proper digestion.

Looking out for calming effects from the acidity? Switch to mint leaves. Boil water and pieces of mint leaves. Cool it down. Drink it and feel the cooling effect. This is the one of the home remedies for acidity.

7.      Ginger

Ginger is a natural agent that is sure to pacify you from the pain of the acidity. It is very essential in our diet. Ginger helps us in many ways; in digestion, neutralize stomach acid, provides required nutrient and have anti-inflammatory property. It also prevents you from ulcer.

Chew a small piece of ginger. Or, boil water along with the few pieces of ginger. As the ginger goes down, acidity gets away.

8.      Indian gooseberries

Indian gooseberries, commonly known as “Amla” provides enough amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C heals the injury in the stomach too. Take Indian gooseberries in a regular basis. In another way, you can have a tsp. of Indian gooseberry powder. Whatever you may have, it’ll be helpful to relieve you from the acidity.

9.      Cumin seeds

Generally called as “Jeera”, cumin seeds are effective to neutralize the effect of acid in your stomach. Also, it relieves you from the pain and helps in digestion.

Take cumin seeds and chew them. Also, you can boil water mixed with the cumin seeds. Drink the solution after cooling down.

10.  Apple cider vinegar

Having the alkalizing effect, apple cider vinegar is perfect to cut out the acidic effect. Dilute the apple cider vinegar. Take it twice a day. It’ll be helpful to get relief from the acidity.

These home remedies for acidity are guaranteed ways for easing up the painful and burning sensation from rise of acidic level and gas formation.

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