How to Get Rid of Canker Sores in Your Mouth

Canker sores, unpleasant spots in your mouth, inner cheeks or your inner lips may hunt you at some point in your life. Not just spots, it is something that bulges out in the form of a spot with yellowish or reddish center. When occurred in lips, canker sores can make your life miserable. Specific causes of canker sores are still unavailable, or let’s say scientific causes are absent. How to get rid of canker sores in your mouth? You may be more interested on how to get rid of canker sores faster.

how to get rid of canker sores in your mouth



Actual or precise causes of canker sores being still unknown, some of the probable causes include:

  • Injuries caused in mouth or inner cheeks give rise to canker sores
  • Menstruation period can cause sores in women
  • Acidic fruits like lemon, tomato, vinegar can sometimes be the cause
  • Deficiency of vitamins like B12, iron, folic acid
  • Change in hormones
  • If you have food allergies, you may be the victim


What might be the symptoms given by canker sores? Majority of the times canker sores occur without symptoms or occur with just a light pain. Small and less painful spots can be considered as the symptoms which later develop into canker sores. Burning sensation, itching and tingling feeling may be another of the most common symptoms that you are about to be targeted.

With small spots as a symptom, if those spots get triggered, you will certainly develop a canker sore.

How to Get Rid of Canker Sores in Your Mouth

1.      Honey

HoneyHow to get rid of canker sores in your mouth with honey? Honey with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties soothes the pain caused by a canker sore. Size of the canker sore also gets minimized with decrease in inflammation. Apply raw organic honey in the affected areas twice a day to make your pain go away.

2.      Drink cold fluids

Drinking cold fluids time to time or pressing your canker sores with an ice can be very effective in decreasing the size. Hot soups and fluids trigger canker sores. Pressing the affected areas with ice can make the area numb giving you relief of the pain.

3.      Aloe gel

Aloe is always effective for soothing the pain and infection caused. Clean your canker sores and then apply aloe gel to get rid of canker sores. You also can rinse your mouth with aloe juice several times a day to reduce infection and inflammation.

4.      Avoid spicy and citric foods

Spicy foods may aid to burn the canker sore more than it should. Target soft foods that are easy to swallow like banana, yoghurt and rice. How to get rid of canker sores in your mouth by avoiding spicy and citric foods? Make sure you let your food cool down to avoid your canker sores from burning. Also avoid citric foods, coffee, salty foods that help in triggering canker sores.

5.      Salt water

Gargle with warm salt water to make canker sores go away. Salt water helps in decreasing the size of canker sore by extracting unwanted ailments from the spots. Also, pain caused is reduced once you rinse with warm salt water. Gargle or just rinse your mouth twice a day to decrease the pain. Rinse your mouth especially at night to avoid pain.

6.      Coconut oil

Coconut oilAnti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in coconut oil help in getting rid of canker sores. You will notice your spots getting smaller with time. Apply coconut oil with a clean piece of cotton to reduce inflammation.


7.      Yoghurt

YogurtEating yoghurt can be effective in soothing the pain. Not much of an effective remedy to get rid of a canker sore but yoghurt can help in reducing the inflammation and soothing the pain and irritation caused.


8.      Sage

How to get rid of canker sores in your mouth and lips? Use sage. Sage, used from ancient times with its herbal properties makes it difficult for the bacteria to stay for long. It is used for many of the other problems like acne and scars. It also contains menthol property which aids in decreasing the size of your canker sores. Using dried sage can be more effective for canker sores. Boil a handful of dried sage with 2 glasses of water and boil until the mixture reduces to a glass. Let the mixture cool down and rinse twice a day.

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