How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Darkness not only hunts your under eyes and your elbows but your underarms. Dark underarms becomes really embarrassing, especially if you tend to go to the parties or simply if you try and wear sleeveless tops. As for now, not only women complain about dark underarms. Men who interest on wearing sleeveless shirts become embarrassed too. You never need to worry about this problem for long. Home remedies on how to get rid of dark underarms have proven to be very much effective on brightening your problem. With some home remedies and some of the medical procedures, anyone will be able to get rid of dark to get rid of dark underarms

Causes of Dark Armpits

So, what can be the causes of your dark armpits? Well, you can guess the causes pretty easily. All of the causes being easily predictable, preventing the factors that cause dark armpits can somehow help you get rid of the dark underarms.

1.      Excessive use of deodorants

Some may cause it and some may not. Depending on the quality of the deodorant you are using, you may or may not bear dark armpits. However, excessive usage of any kind of such materials may cause the problem. Also, usage of roll on can have similar effect like that of the deodorants.

2.      Shaving

Shaving can be another of the most common causes of the dark underarms. As the hairs under your arms is darker than your skin, shaving can give the impression of the hairs on your underarms.

3.      Dead skin cells

Every part of your body may, at some point, develop dead skin cells. These dead skin cells under your arms may result in dark underarms.

How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms With Home Remedies

1.      Potatoes

You may be well informed with the lightening property of potatoes. It’s no wonder that it can be used to lighten the underarms. Bleaching property in potatoes can help lighten your dark underarms. Cut slices of potatoes and apply the juicy part on the affected area and notice the result.

2.      Lemons

How to get rid of dark underarms with lemon? It’s simple, lemon contains wonderful bleaching property. Even in various cosmetic products manufactured get rid of acne and similar marks, lemon is never set apart. It also contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that helps deal with your dark underarms. Lemon may not be suitable for particular skin types. So use what suits best for you. If it doesn’t go with your nature, we have other remedies that may.

3.      Exfoliation

Who said we don’t have natural exfoliation materials? How to get rid of dark underarms fast? Exfoliate. Exfoliation simply avoids the dead skin cells and as a result, helps to regenerate the new ones. Formation of deal skin cells being one of the major causes of your dark underarms, exfoliating can help solve the problem.

As for the natural exfoliating scrub, you need to mix sugar with a suitable amount of lemon to create the scrub. Sugar with its scrubbing property and lemon with its lightening property, creates a great combination to form an exfoliating scrub. For people having allergies of lemon, milk can be taken as a substitution. Create the exfoliating scrub and scrub in the affected area for 5-10 minutes.

4.      Coconut oil

For any type of skin and for any part of skin on your body, coconut oil is effective. Vitamin E contained in coconut oil helps in lightening your dark underarms. Simply massage your underarms with a suitable amount of coconut oil to notice the difference.

5.      Cucumber

Always famous for its lightening properties, cucumber can aid a lot in getting rid of the problem. You might have seen people using cucumber on their eyes. Why do they do so to get rid of the dark circles under eyes. So, if it can be used for dark circles, why not dark underarms.

6.      Aloe Vera

Famous both for its moisturizing and lightening properties, aloe can be another of the wonderful remedies. You also need to moisturize your skin to get rid of the dark areas. Extract aloe gel from aloe and apply on your underarms for 10-20 minutes. Rinse after the time duration.

7.      Milk

Another natural moisturizing agent. Moisturizing is also a very important part for getting rid of the dark circles. Along with milk, lecithin is another great moisturizing agent for your underarms. Apply milk on your underarms shortly after you have exfoliated or used any of the above remedies. Use raw milk for maximum benefits.

8.      Apple cider vinegar

Last but not the least, apple cider vinegar cannot be left out, being well known of its lightening properties. For more effectiveness, mix vinegar with honey and apply in the affected area.

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