How to Get Rid of Headache? | Causes

The most common problem for almost every person out there is a powerful headache. Depending on the intensity and duration, headache can be really troublesome and can hinder our day to day activities. It can be of different types depending on the causes. Some of the common causes of headache include workload, sinusitis, migraine, stress, lack of sleep and excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking. The big question is how to get rid of headache? Don’w panic, bellow are effective home remedies.
how to get rid of headache


More specifically, headaches can have varieties of causes. Although the headache you are having may have the same intensity and duration, the cause is always different. Usually we suffer from major headaches which include cluster headaches, headaches from excessive consumption of alcohol or migraines. Other types of headaches would be from sinusitis, dehydration, lack of proper sleep, and so on. So, what may be the most common and probable causes of headaches?

  • Common cold or fever
  • Dehydration
  • Stress
  • Encephalitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Chiari malformation
  • Lack of sleep

What is a migraine headache?

Migraine headache is something different you might be experiencing. Yes, it falls under the headache types but has different causes and impacts compared to the normal ones. Things you research on how to get rid of headache or more specifically normal headaches has nothing to do with migraine. Usually migraine attacks are experienced only on one side of your head.

If you are the victim of a migraine, you might have a migraine attack in alternate days. Depression, lack of sound sleep, muscle fatigue, frequent urination might occur if you are suffering from migraine.

How to Get Rid of Headache Naturally

How to get rid of headache? Headache can be really very irritating and can be your permanent disease if you let it to. If not taken care in time, headaches caused due to various other diseases can be threatening.

1. Massage

To gain an instant relief from headache, massaging is a must. With essential oils like sunflower oil, massage your head thoroughly and rest for a while. Your neck and shoulder are also to be massaged to gain relief. During headache, you might also feel a light pain or pressure on your shoulder and neck. Massaging these areas might improve your headache to some extent.

2. Ginger extract

Ginger with its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to soothe the pain and pressure in your temple. From ancient times, ginger has been used to soothe headaches as well as stomach aches. Mix ginger extract with one and a half glass of water and a teaspoonful of salt and boil until the mixture reduces to a glass. Consume the mixture to get rid of headache.

3. Drink a lot of water

No other remedy is as effective as this in the case of headaches. Most of the times, people experience headache because of dehydration. Lack of sufficient amount of liquid in your body is the most common cause of headaches. Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration so try avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol. Coffee in the similar manner is responsible for dehydration. Limit the amount of coffee.

4. Avoid nicotine

Nicotine is something that gets you addicted. With regular consumption of nicotine from sources like tea and cigarettes, your body will crave for nicotine. In latter case, whenever you fail to provide nicotine to your body, headache will definitely occur. So, try avoiding excessive amount of tea and cigarettes to get rid of headaches.

5. Yoga

Yoga has always been the best option for headaches. According to experts, practice yoga and you will never ever have headaches anymore. If it is to be believed, this can be considered as the best remedy for curing headache. Many of the people have experienced positive changes from yoga and similar exercises. So, half an hour for yoga should not be a bad idea.

6. Sleep

How to get rid of headache? Sleep. The word must be enough. Lack of sleep is another of the common cause of headaches. Insomniacs always become the victim of persistent headaches. If you don’t fall under the group, you might have experienced how your head aches when you fail to sleep as much as you need or don’t sleep at all. Get a quality and sound sleep every night to prevent headache or even to cure your previous headache. Trust me, it helps.

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