10 Tips on How to Prevent Acne Naturally

Whenever you got bumpy feeling on your skin, you wish it would be less bad than acne. The ugly head of acne not just show up scars, but it would affect your personality as well. Prevention is better than cure, So how to prevent acne? The scars would last long. Especially in teenagers, wide range of hormone changes occur which causes acne. The excessive sebum in the upper layer of skin is the reason for acne.

Acne is inevitable. Preventing would be best rather than curing the pimple heads. So why would you waste money and time whenever you got acne? Preventing acne is lot easier than curing. Thinking about how to prevent acne naturally? Here are some tips that may help you.

How to Prevent Acne | Prevention is Better Than Cure

how to prevent acne

1.     Water: The one and only

Can water prevent you from acne? It’s unquestionable. Nothing can ever be compared with water. It is the very natural way to cure or to prevent from any disorder. Acne is nothing uncommon. Water keeps your skin hydrated and helps to exfoliate your skin well enough.

Drinking enough water glows the skin and keeps it healthy. Through perspiration, water dispose of the body toxin and dirt reasoning to acne. More than that, it is the easiest and cost-effective.

2.     Maintain hygiene

Washing your face two times daily is must. Washing more than that is not necessarily important. You need to wash your hand before washing your face. Why? Because your hands could be dirty and oily. Use warm water, neither too hot nor too cold. It helps to exfoliate your skin keeping it hydrated.

Use mild face washer. Harsh one would worsen it. Avoid scrubbing your face. Apply moisturizer after face wash. Use moisturizer according to your skin type.

3.     Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight carries harmful UV radiations that affects our skin. Direct exposure in the sunlight for longer time intensifies inflammation and redness. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Always wear long-sleeve clothes, hats that could protect you from harmful radiations. Staying away from direct sunlight is as good as to prevent acne.

4.     Proper diet and exercising

Maintaining proper diet and exercising is always favorable. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat and grain. Avoid consuming chocolates, pizza and other high-glycemic foods. Consuming alcohol, smoking should be restricted. Toxins exhibit in the drugs harmfully affect your skin complexion. Further, it’ll undoubtedly decline immune reasoning to start acne.

In addition, exercise not just only keep your body toned. It can prevent you from acne as well. Exercise will also help you to perspire more regularly removing toxins and dirt. The more you perspire, more radiant your skin will be. Drinking quite more amount of water is must while exercising.

5.     Keep hands off from your face

Our skin is very delicate and sensitive. Our own hands could be the reason for acne prone. How could this be possible? Your hands touches numerous things throughout the day. Sweat and dirt can turn on bacteria. Touching with that, bacteria residing in hands can easily transfer on your face.

That’s why, it is better to keep your hands off from your face unless it is clean and free form bacteria.

6.     Sleep well and reduce stress

What could be the best answer for how to prevent acne naturally? I guess, Well sleep and reducing stress would be the best. Stay chill and get plenty of sleep. Skipping enough sleep increases stress. This not just only cause acne but worsen it. This potentially add the chance of acne. You must not sweat in small stuffs. Avoid stressful conditions. Live stress free life. Stay calm and happy. It will certainly help you to prevent acne.

7.     Change your pillowcase

Simply changing or washing your pillow case is way better than using acne cream over and over. Your pillow case must be changed at least once a week. Why is it important? You would be sleeping with all the dirt and sweat over the night. Your face will be oily and the pores of skin would be clogged causing acne.

Use clean and dirt free pillow. With no oil, dirt and sweat your face will be fresh and could rest over the night.

8.     Beauty products and makeup

Going easy on the makeup can somehow control acne. Overusing of beauty products and makeup may damage your skin. Money spending on the products for our beauty can adversely affect our skin. Foundation, powder, blush blocks the pores of the skin. This will encourage acne.

It’s ok to use the products but you need to wash it up at the end of the day. You should not sleep with the makeup on. Oil free cosmetics must be used. Besides, acne-friendly products labeled as “non-comedogenic” implying that it does not block the pores. Keep your skin moisturized so that it could prevent acne.

9.     Watch out for hair

Hair is no far away from skin. Using gel, fragrances, oils can adversely affect your skin. Be cautious while using the products. They could clog the pores of skin. Besides, shampoo and conditioner can also irritate your skin. Use according to your skin type. Make sure there is no residue left on your face.

10.  Consult a dermatologist

Above were the tips for how to prevent acne naturally, but if you have already tried all of them and none of them worked, you need to consult a dermatologist. Based on the skin type, the use of products could be different. It would be better if you consult a dermatologist. You would get to know your skin type. You’ll know the precise way to prevent acne. Furthermore, you can get the best treatment for your skin right away.

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