How to Reduce Bloating: 10 Effective Tips:

Bloating is one of the most common problems that can get really irritating and uncomfortable. Especially for those who want flat bellies, it blows your top. Bloating refers to abnormal swelling in the abdominal area which results in a big fat stomach and causes physical as well as mental discomfort. How to reduce bloating? What causes bloating? Moreover, gas stored in the stomach gives some sort of uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings to the victims.

Many of you may be victimized by bloating which maybe temporary yet uncomfortable and quite embarrassing. Overcoming bloating would be a great relief for people experiencing it for longer periods. With correct measures and routines, getting rid of bloating is easier than expected.

How to Reduce Bloating  and Have a Smooth Flat Belly

how to reduce bloating

1. Appropriate Diet

First and foremost, you should be conscious about the daily supplements you provide yourself with. Diet is not something that could be neglected when it comes to bloating. You need to feed yourself with food containing less fat and more fibers which supports your body to reduce bloating, leaving you with a flat belly. Some of the most common regimens are celery, watermelon, rosemary and turmeric, beans, lentils, yoghurt etc. Yoghurt being the most effective.

2. Never get dehydrated

Many of you might have the misconception that water aids in giving rise to bloating and without much knowledge, avoid water. But it’s the other way round. Intake of enough water helps to reduce the amount of salt in the body. Furthermore, lemon water has way more benefits compared to plain water and even other liquids.

3. Avoid Constipation

How to reduce bloating by avoiding constipation? Constipation refers to the condition of the digestive system when feces are difficult to expel out. Constipation occurs when the colon absorbs too much of water or if the muscles in the colon contracts slowly because of which the stool moves slowly and loses more water. Lack of nutrients including fiber, dehydration and physical passiveness can lead to constipation. Constipation is one of the major causes of bloating. Therefore, your body should be provided with enough of the fiber nutrients, water and you also need to perform normal physical exercises to avoid constipation.

4. Avoid excessive air consumption

Excessive or even a small amount of air consumption assists bloating and gas. Smoking is never a good option if you make up your mind to reduce bloating. Also, sipping liquids with straw can fill extra air in the body. Chewing bubble gum and intake of bubbly beverages also increases air consumption. Avoid these small habits and notice your body size.

5. Reduce sodium intake

Feeling of bloating increases if sodium in the body is excess. Sodium helps to regulate fluid balance outside of your cells and sustain normal nerve impulses that communicate to different parts of your body. Small amount of sodium is a must in your daily diet to maintain the biochemical functions. However, too much intake of sodium causes retention of fluid and results in bloating.

6. Avoid excess of sugar

Sugar supports flatulence in the body and creates a problem in digestion, resulting in stomach pain. You may feel more uncomfortable with this unusual pain in your stomach caused by excess of sugar. Put simply, in order to reduce bloating, avoid sugar along with foods including sweeteners.

7. Avoid gassy foods

Gassy foods like milk and dairy products, starchy foods, corn, banana, onion, peas, pears, raw apples increases gas in the stomach and simply invite bloating. With proper prescription form doctors or from your nearby trusted chemist, you can also try anti-gas pill which relieves you from stomach gas. But the primary key is to avoid gassy foods.

8. Eat slowly and comfortably

If you have a faster eating pace, you unconsciously consume more air which aids bloating. Take your time and feed yourself slowly. Eating slowly and chewing carefully causes proper digestion and gradually avoids gas problems in your stomach.

9. Feed yourself early in the morning

When you skip meals in the morning, you are more likely to give rise to bloating and gas problems. Let it be a small portion of your diet, but never skip meals in the morning. Do not fall in the misconception that having breakfast increases stomach gas. Try establishing this habit and within a week, you will find yourself with less of those stomach problems.

10. Maintain healthy habits

How to reduce bloating? Say no to alcohol and cigarette. Here, healthy habit refers to limit of alcohol intake and smoking. Smoking increases the air consumption while too much of alcohol makes your body dehydrated which causes bloating. Fight the urge for smoking and consuming alcohol. If necessary, visit a rehab.

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