Root Canal Dangers

Root canal has been in common these days. Most of the people are suggested to get a root canal for any simple problem related with pain. It is almost as common as filling your teeth these days. But, before getting a root canal, you need to know, would they be safe? Are root canal dangers rumors true?  Well, you have more chances of increasing bacterial growth in the root canal causing various diseases.  You may not know the problem; well the real problem is in your mouth.

root canal dangers

When you perform the root canal process you may believe that you are fixing your teeth. Actually you’re not. You are automatically inviting different diseases with the process. Obviously root canals save and protect your teeth for an instant of time but you will be in severe risk of inflammatory diseases with chronic diseases including cancer in the long run. Besides, other specific diseases that may follow are heart, kidney, and joint related diseases. Neurological as well as auto – immune diseases are also very common.

What can be the main cause of root canal dangers?

Root cause of the process is toxic bacterium. Teeth are one of the hardest substances in your body. When your dentist root canals your teeth, it is hollowed out first then filled with some kind of substances that cuts of the link of tooth with the supply of blood so that the bacteria is cut off with food supply. However, small tubes remain where the bacteria are safe from immune system of the body. These bacteria turn out to be stronger and highly toxicant ultimately risking the victim with different diseases. When you bite down a food the toxins mix along with the food spreading in every possible area where your immune system is weak.

After the root canal process, teeth become numb or dead that keep toxic bacteria without the knowledge of victim. These bacteria attack different blood streams and cause different types of diseases. Your teeth may look fine, even for many years, but inside, you are growing up different severe as well as chronic diseases that may even risk your life.

What can be the risks?

After root canal procedure, teeth may have various risks, even for life, though American dental association claims that there are no any root canal dangers. They do not have actual results and published data to prove that it is safe.  It was found in a research that that the teeth that undergo root canal, of an arthritis patient when fitted to a rabbit had the same problem. But, the woman recovered from arthritis after she took off the teeth. This research found out that the actual risk is in keeping the teeth that was processed with root canal.

Most of the chronic diseases grow from the teeth that undergo root canal procedure; diseases and breast cancer being the most common of all. Other diseases may include circulatory diseases, kidney diseases, arthritis, rheumatic and joint diseases, neurological and auto – immune diseases. Without your knowledge, these diseases may be growing and spreading inside. Almost 90% of the patients of breast cancers had root canal which means women who perform root canal have very high chances of breast cancer.


Most doctors won’t tell their patients about the dangers of root canal. Risking our health won’t be worth it for a unnecessary procedure. Risks of catching disease after a root canal are very high. So, the best way of preventing root canal dangers is by avoiding root canal. When you are suggested for root canal, ask for other alternatives though these days dentists are taught to use as much safety measures as possible. Starting with soaking of canal in bleach before the root canal process is an example. The idea here is to disinfect the tooth and prevent it from decaying even if it’s numb.

However, it is better not to root canal your teeth just to prevent a tooth than to risk your life for it. And even if you have, it is highly recommended to take it out as soon as possible as for to reduce the chances of various chronic diseases. Besides, to avoid root canal dangers, you have other alternatives other than root canal such as partial denture which is a temporary denture which can be removed anytime according to wish and is cheap as well. You also have other options to choose such as implanting permanent artificial teeth. Dentists fix an artificial tooth but first remove the real tooth leaving the ligaments behind. Some experts even suggest removing the ligaments as for reducing the chances of other diseases.

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